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I created a Q&A guide with the top 10 questions that I receive in my inbox about doing the work that I do. Included in this guide are my opinions about the programs I did as well as some of my favorite business resources.

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I’m Megan, an avid learner and loving mother of a 4-year old smoothie-drinking daughter.  I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Funcitonal Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and founder of

I started getting email weekly (sometimes daily) from people who are interested in being a health coach and don't know what program to do or where to start so I decided to compile a list of my favorite schools and business rescoures in the form of a Q&A. Of course there are lots of great programs out there but I wil just share my experience with the ones that I have completed!

If you feel like helping other people with their health is your calling, I beleive this is one of the most rewarding professions you can be in. Don't let fear hold you back from starting something amazing. I am so glad that I made the jump and now I have a 6 month waiting list for clients!! That shows how much people need this work.

I hope this guide helps!