My Morning Routine


You do that every morning?!

This is what I hear whenever I share my favorite daily detox tools and personal care products. It sounds like a lot to fit into a morning, but once it becomes a part of your routine it is really very easy! Being able to do two things at the same time such as oil pull while I am taking a shower definitely helps speed up the process. I am always perfecting and changing my routine, but I will share with you what I am currently doing!

My Morning personal care routine & detox tools:

Lemon Elixir

Depending on my mood, I start the day with either warm lemon water (half of a lemon in a full mug of water) or room temperature water from my Berkey. When I drink room temperature water I add a half of lemon and 1 -2 tablespoons of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). This elixir will warm up your digestion to get you ready for your day and also aids in clearing any toxins that your liver has been working to eliminate throughout the night.

Note: Because ACV is a ferment with live bacteria, do not heat the ACV or you may kill the live bacteria – be sure to add it to your room temperature water.

Some people have an aversion to ACV because it makes them feel nauseous. This feeling may go away in a couple of days or it could be a sign that you have a candida or bacterial overgrowth. As always, test what works best for you! If that feeling doesn’t go away or you have a tightness in your chest, ditch the ACV and stick with lemon water. I recommend checking back in every so often to see if you are able to tolerate the ACV

After my lemon elixir, I have some ME time. I try to wake up before my daughter so that I can do some stretching or writing. This is when I do my most creative work, so I avoid checking my email or social media until later in the day!!

Tongue Scraper

Next I head to the bathroom and start with my tongue scraper. I have a Dr. Tung’s Tongue Scraper which is such a good investment in your health at only around $7!

All night long your body is repairing itself and getting rid of toxins. One of the exit routes for these toxins is on your tongue. If you notice that you have a thick yellow or white coating on your tongue, this is a sign that your body is working hard to try and get rid of extra waste. You can help your body out by scraping this film off instead of swallowing it again and having to get rid of it again the next night!

Detoxification support is not the only benefit or tongue scraping. It is also great for oral health since you are removing a significant amount of bacteria that can lead to bad breath and dental issues. In addition, by removing this coating on your tongue you improve your ability to taste food, which makes it more satisfying. By reigniting your taste buds, you eliminate the need to add more sugar, salt and excessive spice to the food to make it more flavorful.

Oil pulling

Next I put one tablespoon of coconut oil in my mouth and literally pull it through my teeth. You can start with a few minutes and build up to the recommended 15 – 20 minutes. This is a long time to be oil pulling, so starting small and working up is better than nothing at all!

The antibacterial properties of the oil will pull out bacteria and fungus, alleviating inflammation, congestion and even allergies. It helps with bad breath, bleeding gums, cavities, gingivitis, plaque, sensitive teeth and will make your teeth noticeably whiter. If you’ve ever had any dental work or root canals, this is something you should commit to for at least a month. Make sure you check with your dentist if you have crowns or loose fillings as this can pull them out.

I leave the oil in my mouth and move on to…

Dry Skin Brushing

Dry skin brushing is an amazing detox tool. You can find watch my Periscope on dry skin brushing here  (as well as all my other Periscope broadcasts) or read a blog post about How to Dry Skin Brush. There is an in depth, how-to explanation of how to do this.

In general, dry skin brushing is spectacular for losing weight, diminishing cellulite, flushing the lymphatic system and overall boost to your immunity.

You can find a dry skin brush on Amazon or your local health food store.

After I finishing dry brushing, I hop in the shower and continue to oil pull. When I’m done pulling, I spit the oil in the trash – not in the sink – so that I don’t clog the pipes with oil!

Brush my Teeth -The Dirt

I brush my teeth with The Dirt, which is a trace mineral tooth brushing powder. I love this toothpaste (or powder)! My daughter uses the MCT oil toothpaste from the same company which is another option if you can’t get into using powder on your teeth. Most toothpaste (even the “healthy” ones) contain glycerin, fluoride and other chemicals so this is a fabulous alternative. You can get 15% off with this link.

Fatface Skincare

Fatface offers clean skin care products that use healthy fats and organic ingredients. They are chemical and toxic free.

Every day after my shower I use the Myrrhaculous Face Cream but while I am pregnant I use the one without myrrh (you can mark that on your order and they will send you one without myrrh!). After I give my face some love, I also rub Body Butta  all over your belly and body.  Last winter the Body Butta made all the difference in my skin since, because I HATE dry skin! Last winter was my first winter back East in almost 10 years, and happened to be the longest, driest winter in a while!!!  The Body Butta is also fabulous during pregnancy to help keep form getting stretch marks (if you are wondering about other tips for stretch marks, grab my free Holistic Pregnancy Guide) .


Next it is time for my breakfast and my vitamins. That sums up my morning routine. Now I am off to workout with my trainer Jocelyn (well not really off to workout since she comes to me via Skype!). Don’t forget to keep your lymphatic system moving with some daily exercise!!



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