Holistic Pregnancy Guide

Hi Mamas!  I am so excited that you are interested in having the most natural and holistic pregnancy that you can! You and your baby are going to be thanking yourself for many years to come. Although I am currently in my 2nd pregnancy, I consider this my first "holistic pregnancy" and -oh boy- has it made a big difference!

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Since I know we are all busy, I broke up my 31 page Holistic Pregnancy Guide into 12 weekly emails.  This is my attempt to give you time to implement what you have learned without overwhelming you with a lot of information all at once!  Let's get started Mamas!!!! Can't Wait? If you want the full guide immediately you can scroll to the bottom and  download NOW for only $7.

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8 of the Topics Covered

  1. Common Complaints During Pregnancy (Immediate download) ; Nausea, constipation, hemorrhoids, heart burn, leg cramps and more!
  2. Nutrition for pregnancy; instead of eating large quantities of a few things, you want to be focusing on a variey of optimal baby–growing nutrients! 
  3. Exercise during pregnancy; Can I keep doing what I have been doing?
  4. My current supplement plan; I'll share what is working for me and you can consult with your physician to customize for your situation.
  5. Natural pregnancy concerns & tests: Ultrasounds, glucose test, GBS and more!
  6. My favorite resources; My favorite book and a program that I would be lost without.
  7. My favorite nontoxic products; during pregnancy we want to try and minimize the amount of incoming chemicals and toxins.  This is a good time to take a look at your water source, skincare and cleaning products.
  8. Essential Oils & what not to use while pregnant; oils that have been helpful during pregnancy and the list of oils to avoid.

About The Author

Hi- I’m Megan, an avid learner and loving mother of a 5-year old smoothie-drinking daughter. I am currently pregnant with my 2nd daughter and due mid December!   This pregnancy is completely different than my first as I am much more aware of my food choices, sensitivities, gut health, adrenal health, chemicals, pesticides, GMOs and toxins in our environment to be avoided. This is my single family experiment to see if my second baby can avoid the gut and health issues that my oldest experienced!

I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach and FDN Practitioner. My own struggle with low energy, recurring infections, adrenal fatigue and heavy metals (all while trying to balance family life with a corporate job) opened my eyes to a journey that does not require willpower and deprivation. I was able to recover my energy and support my adrenals naturally and now have the energy to do what I am really passionate about.

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