Need help finding a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner?
Ready to dig deeper into your gut health, detoxification and hormonal balance? I know what it is like when you finally find someone who has a process and style that resonates with you, but they aren't taking 1-on-1 clients!!  If you think that you would like the way I work, than you can find recommendations below for 3 ladies who have a very similar style and philosophy.
My Practitioner Recommendations
Free Guide- Toxic Home Makeover
Our 31 Page Guide reveals exactly how to slowly upgrade items in your home that might be throwing off your hormones, stressing out your liver and depleting your energy.

Topics Include: Cleaning Supplies & Personal Care Items, Pans, Furniture, Mattresses, Sheets & Blankets, Clean Indoor Air, Clean Water, And much MORE...

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Join our newsletter and download the most popular section of the Holistic Pregnancy Guide immediately:  Natural Remedies to Common Complaints During Pregnancy.

Since I know you are all busy, I broke up my 31 page Holistic Pregnancy Guide into 12 weekly emails.  This is my attempt to give you time to implement what you have learned without overwhelming you with a lot of information all at once!  Let's get started Mamas!!!! 
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Want to Balance Your Hormones? Group Program
The Healthy Hormones Group Program is a 12 week group online program to help you discover underlying imbalances in hormone, neurotransmitter and adrenal health.  We are taking a comprehensive yet simple approach because we believe that 'adrenal fatigue' - we like to call it hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal dysfunction - is not just about the adrenal glands at all.  There's much more to the story! Which hormones are depleted or have excessive levels?  What lifestyle factors and foods are leaving you more depleted and which ones are supporting you? Is that big brain in your head sending the right signals to the rest of the body? The list can go on and on!
Next start date will be April 2016 but you can jump on the list below if you want to receive our free webinar training about liver support for healthy hormones.  This lays out the steps  to get your prepared for the program!
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Wondering when the next detox is?
The next group start for the Detox will be Feb 18th 2016 BUT this season you can start any day you wish!! Grab and friend and get started whatever day works best for you.  Just enter your start date in the survey you will receive via email after purchasing.
This elimination diet is the first step that I take with all of my 1-on-1 clients as well as implementing daily detox tools to help open up the detoxification pathways and support the liver. Without supporting the liver and taking the first step to decrease the inflammation in the gut, we would not be able to do the deeper work of hormone balancing and restoring gut health.
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{Free Guide} Are you a health coach or FDN practitioner (or interested in becoming one)? 
I created a Q & A guide with the top 10 questions that I receive in my inbox about doing the work that I do. Included in this guide are my opinions about the programs I did as well as some of my favorite business resources.
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