The BEST Guilt-Free Honey Sweetened Chocolate


I am not a stalker usually… but last week I was.


I overheard a mom with three children explaining to someone else at Whole Foods that she makes her own yogurt and her children follow a pretty strict Paleo diet. As she was speaking, one of the children was asking “mom does this have corn in it?”


We needed to be friends.


As a health coach mom with a child who is gluten free, dairy free, soy free, corn free and junk free, sometimes our restrictions can be alienating. Meeting another family able to keep up with the lifestyle with THREE kids… I was impressed to say the least.


As we walked away I whispered to my daughter “Lily, those kids eat like you do!” She quickly turned and said “I want to meet them!!”


The good news is that when you become a mom, stalking someone in a grocery store because your daughter wants to meet them is a little more acceptable than without children.


I am very glad that we were stalkers that day because as it turns out Julie was one of the founders of Pure 7 Chocolates and I have fallen in love with their chocolate and their story.


After visiting Julie & Carrie, the co-owners of Pure 7 Chocolates in their local kitchen I asked if I could interview them to share their story. Check it out!


Q:  As 2 busy moms, what prompted you to want to start your own chocolate company?


A:  When we first started our company together, we had 7 children ages 8 and under.  Our youngest were still toddlers so it was a very busy and crazy time to start any new project, let alone a start-up company.  But, we are both driven to feed our families healthy and nourishing food and we saw a need in the market (and in our families) for a healthy chocolate.


Q: Why not just eat the healthy chocolate already out there?


We needed a chocolate that was honey sweetened with no additives or fillers.

When Julie’s son was diagnosed with autism she went through many different iterations of a healthy diet to support her son. A gluten free, dairy free diet showed huge improvements but she soon realized they were still addicted to the Standard American Diet (SAD) just without the gluten and dairy.

The SCD diet came next with even better results as his eye contact and presence returned. After about 6 months they switched to the GAPS diet and this made the most drastic difference!  Julie’s son & daughter both stopped stimming after 2 weeks on the diet.  They stayed on the GAPS diet and followed the stages with a GAPS practitioner for 2 years.  They currently follow a Paleo type diet now.

(For more details about their journey and GAPS you can read Julie’s blog here)

Although they were able to follow their plan consistently, they missed CHOCOLATE!  Chocolate is allowed on the full GAPS diet but nobody was making a GAPS legal chocolate and Julie was a strict follower of the diet.  All the chocolate at the stores were filled with sugars, fillers and artificial flavors!

That is why we started making Pure7 Chocolate!

Q:  What was the biggest hurdle or hardest part about starting your own business.


A:  Everything was hard in the beginning.  We first had to figure out how to make honey sweetened chocolate which we were told over and over could not be done.  It literally took us a year of research and experimentation in the kitchen until we finally figured out the exact recipe and how to temper honey-sweetened chocolate.  Once we had a product, we had to figure out all of the other details of starting a business from the ground up.  We just networked and took notes and relied on advice from people who were in start-up food businesses.

If you have a product that you love and you can stand behind 100%, I think people can see that and success happens organically.


Q:  What makes your chocolate so awesome?


A: We make handcrafted Raw, Organic & Fair Trade honey-sweetened chocolate. Our bars are unprocessed, unrefined and free of chemicals, dairy, soy, gluten and refined sugars.  Just Pure!

Because our bars are sweetened with honey, the texture is smooth and creamy…almost like a milk chocolate in its texture.  Our bars are all 85-87% cacao…but because they are sweetened with honey, they are not bitter like a lot of other dark chocolate.

Pure7 Chocolate has been a HUGE hit for the Paleo, GF, DF, SF & raw diets!

We believe PURE ingredients are naturally nutritious and simply taste better.  That’s why we are committed to hand making our bars in small batches without the use of chemicals, dairy, soy, gluten and refined sugars.


Q:  Where can we find your product?


A:  We are in gourmet/specialty stores in New England and New York City as well as Whole Foods in New England but you can also purchase our chocolate online.  We are expanding quickly so for a list of all of our most up-to-date locations, check out our website at


This is what I hope you take away from this post:

  • If you have children and are struggling with getting them the best food for their situation, know that you are not alone. Keep it up and know that you will be setting them up for a lifetime of health.
  • If you see a need for a product in the market that can help families live healthier, happier lives… go for it!!
  • Go get some chocolate!! This stuff is delicious and supports fabulous people!


Are you following us on Instagram? Check us out: gingernewtrition  We are doing a giveaway soon of this fabulous chocolate.  I don’t know about you, but I would hate to miss free chocolate!!


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