Virus Fighting Gargle Rinse


Last year when I started to feel like I was getting a cold, a friend suggested that I gargle with oregano oil. I was a little skeptical that it would help, but I was willing to give it a try! To my amazement the sore throat never developed into more than a little scratchy feeling. The next day I was completely back to normal because luckily I had caught it right in the beginning!!


The only down side is that when gargling with pretty concentrated oregano oil, if you get a little too zealous it sprays onto your face it can really burn!


Although the oregano oil by itself is one option, Alex at has an even better recipe to use when you start to get a sore throat or feel run down. Since she works in a hospital it is very important for her to catch and get rid of any viruses that might want to take hold.


{Alex is an anesthesiology resident with a passion for a whole foods and a holistic approach to health.  She’s the co-creator of the Healthy Hormones Group Program which helps women reclaim their adrenal, hormonal, and neurotransmitter balance. She also runs her blog,, which is all about natural living, DIY-ing, and fueling your body with nutrient dense food.  She lives in Chicago with her husband and two adorable (and goofy) cats.}


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Virus Fighting Gargle Rinse


This recipe is what I reach for when I start to feel any sort of discomfort/scratchy-ness in the back of my throat or when I start to cough.  I do it up to 3 times per day the second I start to feel symptoms and, in my personal experience, it generally helps me from developing the full blown version of whatever was brewing.




  1.  Place your warm water into a large mug.
  2. Add in your salt and baking soda, then stir until dissolved.
  3. Add in your oregano oil and tea tree oil and mix thoroughly. (The oil will not want to mix with the water so you may have to stir several times throughout the process.)


I use this recipe most often as a gargle but I’ve also had quite a bit of success when I’ve used it in a Neti Pot.


We hope that this helps you out during the long winter months!



  • Lola
    November 10, 2015

    This is fantastic, thank you! I have all the ingredients and am going to make immediately when I am home from work. I have been doing a gargle with equal parts hydrogen peroxide and original flavor Listerine for several years. It really works!I was doing it the same way, 3 times a day. I’ve been searching for a more natural approach I can use with the kids also – THANK YOU!

    • November 11, 2015

      Awesome Lola!! This will be a great substitute, especially for the kiddos 🙂

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