It’s A Mystery

Have you noticed that some people do “everything right” and still seem to have a myriad of health problems?  They drink green juice in the morning; eat organic veggies and quinoa burgers; run half marathons followed up by yoga poses all while meditating.  But they just can’t seem to lose weight, are chronically exhausted or have recurring infections.  In these cases, health coaching alone might not be able to help them gain any ground.  We need to dig as close to the underlying cause as we can.

I like to consider myself a health detective and functional lab work is the key component in my detective kit.  Instead of chasing symptoms, I search for the root cause.

Although symptoms are very common in our fast-paced world, they are NOT normal.  Any symptoms such as headaches, skin issues, fatigue, trouble sleeping or digestive complaints are a sign that there is a deeper imbalance.  I investigate what is happening at a functional level.

The functional lab work looks for malfunctions in these systems:


Since I am not a doctor, I do not diagnose or treat disease. Instead, I help support and rebuild these basic systems, the pillars of our health. By finding and eliminating hidden stressors, the body is relieved of a burden and can resort back to its innate ability to regulate and heal itself.

Two Categories of People I Work With…

  1. They are sick and tired of being sick and tired.  They have tried everything to feel better and can’t seem to make lasting progress no matter what they try.  Their commitment to get their health back is 100% because it is largely impacting their quality of life.
  2. They feel great, but are interested in the idea of optimal health and want to take a look at what is going on inside.  These people are proactive and aware that it is really easy to correct a small imbalance instead of waiting until a symptom or disease has developed.

And Especially Useful For…

ginger newtrition expecting mother

If you are thinking about having a baby in the next few years I highly suggest understanding the health of your adrenal, hormonal, digestive, detoxification functions.  I know from experience, if you have any small imbalances before you are pregnant, they will be magnified during pregnancy and after your child is born.  Do the work up front and reap the reward.




If you are an athlete and continuously push hard, you want to support your body the best you can.  Finding underlying imbalances before any symptoms surface will keep you in the game before injury or burnt-out get the best of you.

I fell in love with running when I lived in HI and ran my one and only marathon in Honolulu in 2009.  When I ended up in severe adrenal fatigue,  I didn’t run for a WHOLE YEAR  while my body worked to heal itself.  My goal is that athletes will take care of their adrenals and hormones upfront so that they won’t dig themselves so deep into a hole that they have to stop doing the exercise that they love.